Popstar Kayle

Popstar Kayle ClosePopstar Kayle FrontPopstar Kayle BackPopstar Kayle SculptPopstar Kayle Sculpt FrontPopstar Kayle Sculpt BackPopstar Kayle Texture

League of Legends Fan Art

concept art by Loiza Chen

Inspired by Riot game’s League of Legends art contest I decided to try another character skin. Using one of League’s current alternate skin, Popstar, I set out to to sculpt and texture Kayle with the same Kpop style. Interpreting Loiza Chen’s design and making adjustments, to keep her true to the original popstar color palette, challenged my design and texturing skills. Modeling her has been a pleasure and I hope to finish her soon.

Programs used:
Zbrush, Maya, Keyshot, Photoshop