MushuMushu Wireframe

From Disney’s classic Mulan

Using Zspheres in Zbrush I created the base mesh for Mushu. Quickly generating topology with this technique laid out some general animation friendly loops which was then taken into Maya for further tweaking and adjustments. Relying too much on Zspheres to determine most of your topology flow can hurt you in the end and create complications in some areas but using this method is highly recommended for “snake” like characters. Back in Zbrush I passed over with a low poly sculpt to try and capture his pose and “shocked” expression. After a quick dynamsh creation of the spiky fins on his back I was back in Maya using the GoZ function to retopologize them and add extra topology for his belly and neck. Rounding off with a final pass in Zbrush and its off to Keyshot for rendering.

Programs used:
Zbrush, Maya, Keyshot, Photoshop