Order of the Lotus, Syndra

Syndra CloseupSyndra TurnaroundSyndra Wire and TextureSyndra SculptSyndra Ingame

Polycount & Riot Games Art Challenge

For this art challenge I took the character, Syndra from the game League of Legends, and created an alternate appearance that conspired with the existing art style of game. The project was a great learning experience and a whole lot of fun to do as well. I learned a lot about my weaknesses and how to improve upon them. Using Zbrush I sculpted a high poly sculpt followed by 3D Coat/Maya for retopo. Using xNormal to bake out the ambient occlusion map to serve as a base for the hand-painted textures painted in 3D coat and Photoshop. Finally, I finished it off with Keyshot and Photoshop for the final presentation. Not 100% satisfied but very glad to be apart of contest.

Programs used:
Zbrush, Maya, 3D Coat, xNormal, Keyshot, Photoshop